Ruian Dafeng Automobile pares Co., Ltd.
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  • Ruian Dafeng Automobile pares Co., Ltd.
  • AddressNO.5 east SHANGWANG RD Xueqian industrial area Anyang town Ruian city
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  • Rui"an Dafeng automobile part Co.,Ltd. is enterprises which specialized in producing and opening spare part of the automobile, such as generator, electron,sensor,switch,the whole car Line bunch,etc.. The company passes the painstaking e..
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    Company: Ruian Dafeng Automobile pares Co., Ltd. (瑞安市達豐汽車部件有限公司) 
    Responsible Officer: su shun jin 
    Business Model: Production 
    Main products or services: Blower resistor;  
    place of incorporation: Ruian   
    Establishing time: 2003-8-6 
    Management System Certification:
    Business major markets: South America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East  
    Main Product: ABS Sensor;Wire harness;Idle Control Valve;Electronic series;Switch; 
    Main models: Peugeot;Citroen;GM;Ford; 
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