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  • Wenzhou Xinxing Filter Co,.Ltd.
  • Address:Baotian East Industry Area, Ruian, Zhejiang, China
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  •    China
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  • Established in 1989, Wenzhou Nova Filter Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specialized in producing a series of filter products. With our continuous efforts and support from our customers, our company covers over 50,000 square meter, has 3 ..
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    Company: Wenzhou Xinxing Filter Co,.Ltd. (溫州新星濾清器有限公司) 
    Responsible Officer: 陳敏光 
    Business Model: Production 
    Main products or services: Auto Filter & Filter parts;  
    place of incorporation: 浙江溫州瑞安   
    Establishing time: 1999-6-9 
    Management System Certification:
    Business major markets:  
    Main Product: Filter;oil filter; 
    Main models: commins; 
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