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     Global Auto Parts Sources(www.ying1207.com) is a professional auto parts B2B(Business To Business) center, it covers 25,000 auto parts factories in China and Asia, 30,000 auto parts distributors and wholesalers.
It increasing 20 auto parts manufacturers everyday in website.
The factories with "OEM" logo is Chinese auto parts suppliers which checked by "Global Auto Parts Sources".The buyers could contact with them in business for the OEM suppliers is well-equipped, stability in quality and meet the after-sales market.
OEM Auto Parts search system(www.ying1207.com/oem): Enter the OE NO. or other NO. like ACDelco, BOSCH, DELPHI, VALEO, KYB, TRW and so on ,then it will show the details products information such as products name, Pictures, OE NO., Used for vehicles, Size and the Chinese supplier of this product, you could also contact the Chinese suppliers directly.
Global auto parts sources has the free service about “Authority to Purchase” for International buyers: Search the suitable auto parts suppliers and check the suppliers detail information
There is a“Auto Parts Procurement meeting”held in November in Guangzhou every year by Global auto parts sources, which contains 500-600 auto parts suppliers. When you registered as VIP of Global auto parts sources, you can access our professional services
Every year ,The Global auto parts attend more than 20 professional auto parts fairs,if you meet as “OEM Factory & OEM Auto parts”, you could get the “Audited OEM Manufacturer” publications freely.

Audited OEM Manufacturer –By Global auto parts source
More details like follows:
1. Permits issued by government (registration, registered capital, business scope, length of operation) 2. Credibility of the business (product quality, supply, production, customer) 3. On-the-spot investigation (area of plant, equipment, production, product variety and number of employees) ( half a year once) 4. The quality of third-party certification (ISO9000, TS16949, ISO1400, CCC certification CE certification, and certification time, valid, etc..)

Website registration:www.ying1207.com

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